Peter Bennett's travel diaries ...

Ethiopia treks 2015

with trekking visits to Bale, Lalibela, Gheralta and Wenchi, November 2015

Gheralta trek Mariam Korkor resident nun

High Atlas 2015

5 days trekking
in springtime

portrait muleteer Ahmed at Tizi Mzik


3 weeks in Lebanon
October 2011

Baalbek archaeological site


A month in Oman looking for the Zanzibar connection, March 2011

Oman Sharqiya inland Sinaw bedouin

Ethiopia 2010.12

A trek with altitude: 4 forest camps at an altitude between 3,080 and 3,460 metres.

Dodola Trek farmland trail

Ethiopia 2010

13 minutes of sunshine
(in the rainy season)

girl in Woliso market

Morocco 2010

City + Mountains + Coast
in summertime

portrait muleteer Ahmed at Tizi Mzik

Ethiopian Escapades

five weeks in April 2009

Lalibela Ashetan scene

Syrian Scenes

A week of Syrian souqs and sites. April 2008


Swahili Coast (South)

2 brief weeks in Northern Mozambique, Ramadhan 2006

Ilha do Mozambique

Heron On The Nile

Seven months as a volunteer teacher in Sudan...

a heron on the Nile

here's what also happened.

Sahel Sojourn

10 weeks across Africa from left to right, from Cape Verde to the Red Sea; from green to red. Sounds refreshing?

Aier Desert, Niger

But inbetween is the vast arid region they call the Sahel.

Great North Road

Cape to Cairo

10 countries, 100 days, 1000 photos, 10000 kilometres

Convoy - Kenya Norther territory

...and no stepping on the cracks in the pavement!

Great North Road

Napier Trek

200km trek at 3000m in 11 days walking in Ethiopia


Great North Road

Great Ethiopian Run

10km run, with approx 25,000 other runners including a goat!

Great Ethiopian Run


A ride through Tanzania and Malawi by train and boat - July 2003

MV Ilala at Nkata bay

South of the Equator

7 weeks in Zanzibar 2003