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  Common People Manaahill Sun 10 Apr 2005  

Sun 10 Apr

Sunday, my first working day of the week (could be worse, it could be on Saturday) and the first day back after a week's break. It's my mature women 3rd years this morning; always a pleasure. I manage to get 90 minutes out of "how you can tell a child from an adult" (without getting biological). When I mimed the way Mango Juice Girl carried her handbag with the strap across her forehead there was a pantomime response from the class "this is a child" I'm inclined to agree but how do I break it to her?

After class I nip into Khartoum and out to the University Centre to pick up March's pay cheque. Remarkably, both the cheque office and the bank are quick and efficient and I am out again with an hour or so to kill before teaching at the British Council.

I look into the Natural History Museum and the Ethnographical. At the latter I seem to notice things afresh each visit. The curator's assistant Manaahill is always willing to show me around, perhaps she fancies me I dunno, I'm always the last to realise that kind of thing. I draw a few exhibits in my notebook and we agree to meet sometime and go for a rummage in the antique shops of Omdurman souq.

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