Heron on the Nile
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  Friendship Hall No New Girlfriends Sun 13 Mar 2005  

Sun 13 Mar

I have swum across the Nile twice now without getting swept off to Egypt or being caught by crocodiles... It's a great way to cool off and watch the sun go down after a hot and sticky day and it's just about the most romantic thing you can do here on your own.

Mon 14 Mar

It has turned cooler today with clouds at sunrise and sunset - yes really! Quite extraordinary... today was spring I'm sure of it (Sudanese claim it doesn't exist here they go straight from winter to summer)

My brother in UK has bought me a replacement handset, which is coming out with my friend David on Thursday.

No new girlfriends this week: Mango Juice Girl was not at college today but I did get a couple of texts, and the girl I kissed on Valentine's also called though sadly, to tell me she's off to Cairo for a month. Still, a bracing cross-country run (down to the Nile) tomorrow morning should take my mind off things. Margie's still not speaking to me. Meowww!

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