Heron on the Nile
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  Baggara Bowl Dry Dates and Pepsi  

Sun 6 Feb

When I arrive at the British Culture Centre for our weekly English discussion group there is a flurry of activity. They told me not to be late, and not to bring anything. It is my last session; I suppose I should have guessed they would want to make it memorable. Salah has prepared a number of topics for me to talk about, each for a few minutes before opening it up to the floor. Others have brought very dry dates and peanuts, and we share out the obligatory crate of not quite cold enough Pepsi. Most of the regulars have come but there is also a surprise guest star appearance of the lady doctor I had met on my first day. I am pleased to see her again and very touched that she has come (I originally met her in Salah's office). When we finally have a chance to talk one to one she pats her phone and tells me she has my number. I was too shy to give her a call; but then I guess she was too.

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