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  Eid Al Adhar Forgotten World Sun 16 Jan 2005  

Sun 16 Jan

For the past few days I have been preparing a two-hour lecture to present to the Computer Science students, but an hour before I'm "due on", Sidig phones me to postpone it. Still, as least the preparation is done now. Actually, I have quite enjoyed thinking back over my 23 years in the real world of software engineering and the fun I have had. How software houses used to build bespoke systems until they got a good reputation in one particular area and then started reselling their efforts as a "product". How banks have realised that so much of their business "know how" is locked-up in the minds and systems of their Information Technology department. It brought back many happy memories and kind of shocked me how little thought I'd given it all in the past two years.

El Obied is fine, obviously it's a bit quieter than Khartoum; everyone is making me feel very welcome. The guesthouse is fine apart from feeding me three times a day (10am, 3pm and 10pm) without much variety in the menus. The teaching is fine; the students are very friendly.

In the evening I go to the British Cultural Centre discussion group and meet an eloquent chap called Khaleel. He seems to have lots of answers to my questions on the peace process and agrees to meet the following evening.

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