Heron on the Nile
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  Ful by Moonlight Introduction  

If you were concerned about the absence of heron in my last email I apologise. A bit misleading I know, but I did not think the lack of content should get in the way of a good title. I did in fact see a heron on the White Nile just before the confluence. It was on the green flanked "shoreline", bathed in early morning sunshine, oblivious to the fumes and dust of the city's rush-hour traffic; it looked wonderful.

I enjoyed my last year of travelling very much. It seemed that the next challenge to set myself was to live and work in a different culture.

The two months immediately prior to coming here I had been back in the UK, trying to force myself to think a little more strategically and responsibly about what to do next. I had enjoyed the travelling and did not feel quite ready to slip on those work clothes once more so I decided that I would quite like to try "working" in a different culture, hotter climate, and a chance to learn Arabic; that kind of thing.

So I have volunteered to teach "conversational English" to University students for six months in Sudan. They have been taught, and have studied the language for many years and only (really) lack the chance to practice with a native speaker. That is when I walk in for US$100 per month. Not surprisingly there was not a waiting list. It was pretty well "start when you like". Initially I am posted in Khartoum I want to acquire the know-how, establish a network of contacts and friends but after a few months I may look for a posting further a field; perhaps El Obied or even Dilling in the Nuba mountains. Some close friends think I will soon get bored, but I guess six months will be OK?

It looks like I will be based at the University of Khartoum, Education Faculty in Omdurman although already I am getting invitations to teach elsewhere.

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